Welcome to South Side Saints Incorporated

A movement beyond the Church walls. Focusing on God’s grace, healing from people (church) hurt, being your best self in Christ while living a life founded on prayer, fellowship, and spreading His Truth. We believe in the power of the Holy Spirit to guide and transform lives, to make a difference in us, our families, the Body of Believers, and beyond. We invite you to join us in this journey of faith.


South Saints Car Ministry Podcast

- We provide a space for believers to learn the Word of God in small doses, that will impact you in large ways.  

God's Word Publishing Co. 

- Bring your dreams to life, let's work on them together!

Fellowship Events

- We offer a safe and welcoming space to build relationships with others.

Scripture for the Month 

Psalm 97:12 KJV

Rejoice in the LORD, ye righteous; and give thanks at the remembrance of his holiness.

“I'm so glad I found Southsidesaints; they have been a great source of support and guidance for me. I have been able to find peace and perspective in my life, and their teachings have helped me to appreciate life in a whole new way.”

— Max B.

Go Get it Season

Life has a way of snatching things from us. Some possessions we can regain, but people and opportunities are usually an once in a lifetime occurrence. When life starts the subtraction process it takes us a good bit of time to understand what is transpiring.  Even at the time of recognizing that life is different, life has not stopped. Seasons are important for re-evaluation, adjustment, shedding, and growth. Growing up in the North I had the pleasure of experiencing the season changing. Seeing how leaves change colors. How the ground can be covered with snow. All the while it is the same space that occupies the stormy rain season. We need the different experiences in our life to learn how to appreciate. The Bible tells us to learn how to live in abundance and how to live in not enough.

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The Wheat and Tare

The parable illustrated by Jesus himself in Matthew 13:24-43 is simplified in this statement, "you cannot choose what, who, and where you learned a lesson and how hard is to grow in purpose while being surrounded by something that seems to have no purpose at all." Fortunately, God goes about life making it happen without our input.  I'm sure at times we think that God is responding or reacting to our disagreement, disapproval, or unsatisfaction about how He goes about being God, but I am here to tell you through trial and failure He does not! He is Thee 

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